What are the answers to these? List them by order from top to bottom please, also the top question is that they want the design that will use less cardboard to make, which box is it? ❤️❤️❤️

Accepted Solution

Answer:proposed design uses less cardboard, also has less volume. I don't dig it.BOXer B has the greatest surface areaBOXer D has the greatest surface areaStep-by-step explanation:When there are many instances of the same calculation, it is convenient to let a spreadsheet or graphing calculator do them. The formula can be entered once and used many times. See the attachment for an example.1. The surface area of a box with dimensions L, W, D can be written as ...   S = 2(LW +LD +WD) = 2(LW +D(L+W))Then the surface area of the left (original) box is ...   S = 2(2·12 + 8(2+12)) = 2(24 +112) = 272 . . . . square inchesThe surface area of the right (proposed) box is ...   S = 2(4·3 +14(4+3)) = 2(12 +98) = 220 . . . . square inchesThe volume of the original box, at 2·12·8 = 192 in³ is greater than the volume of the proposed box (3·4·14 = 168 in³), so the customer gets less cereal with the redesigned box. I don't dig it.__2. The previous question shows the formula and an example of the calculation. The attachment shows the numbers for this question.box A: 62 ft²box B: 70 ft² — winner__3. The attachment shows the numbers for this question.box C: 270 m²box D: 272 m² — winner