The standard tip in a restaurant is 15% of the bill before tax. Many people in California find the tip by doubling the sales tax, which is 8.25%. By how many cents does this exceed the standard tip on a bill of 60% before tax?

Accepted Solution

To answer this you could do a couple things. 1. Actually calculate both tips and then subtract them. Here is the math ( assuming it is $60, not 60% that you mean). a. 0.15 x 60 = $9. b. 0.0825 x 2 x 60=$9.90. c. 9.90-9.00= $0.90 difference.

The other strategy would be to find the difference on the percents and then multiply by $60. a. 8.25%x2=16.5%-15%. Difference of 1.5%. b. 0.015 x $60=$0.90.