what is the image of the point (-8,3) after a rotation of 270 counterclockwise

Accepted Solution

Answer:[3, 8]Step-by-step explanation:Now, a 90°-clockwise rotation is the exact same as a 270°-counterclockwise rotation, and according to the 270°-counterclockwise rotation [90°-clockwise rotation] rule, you take the y-coordinate, bring it over to your new x-coordinate, and take the OPPOSITE of the x-coordinate and set it as your new y-coordinate: Extended Rotation Rules270°-clockwise rotation [90°-counterclockwise rotation] >> (x, y) → (-y, x) 270°-counterclockwise rotation [90°-clockwise rotation] >> (x, y) → (y, -x)180°-rotation >> (x, y) → (-x, -y)So, perform your rotation:270°-counterclockwise rotation [90°-clockwise rotation] → [-8, 3] moves to [3, 8]I am joyous to assist you anytime.